02.-03. SEPT
Rund um East Side Gallery und Oberbaumbrücke Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg

Featured Artist: Neigh Kid Horse

Mit nicht viel mehr als einer Gitarre, einer Boxer Shorts und einem Pferdekopf hat es The Neigh Kid Horse geschafft: Er ist einer von Berlins bekanntesten Straßenmusikern geworden. Regelmäßig ist der Australier an der East Side Gallery oder im Mauerpark anzutreffen und zieht stets die neugierigen Blicke aller Umstehenden auf sich. Liegt sein Erfolg am Outfit oder an der Musik? Wer weiß das schon. Fakt ist: The Neigh Kid Horse ist mittlerweile nicht mehr von Berlins Straßen wegzudenken.

The Neigh Kid Horse im Kurzinterview:

What's been the most memorable experience in your musical career?
My most memorable experiences are when I was playing at Warschauer Strasse late at night on the bridge, and some idiot decided it would be funny to rip my horse mask off my head while I was playing and run away with it. But I also have good memories, I played a surprise 40th birthday party for someone who had seen me on the street and told their friends, so they contacted me to perform outside a restaurant and sing happy birthday, that was a really fun night.

What do you want to express with your performance?
I just want people to have a memorable and fun experience while they are in Berlin.

What do you do when you're not playing music half naked?
When im not performing I am usually watching other street performers or working on some side projects of mine which are making music videos for other artists. I'm also working on a new documentary.

Your favourite place to eat in Berlin?
Mv favourite food in Berlin is probably the Vietnamese and Thai restaraunts around Berlin, I love a good Pho.

Do you have any rituals when preparing for a performance?
I repeat to myself „I'm a horse, I'm a horse, I'm a horse“,

What's the best spot for playing street music?
East Side Gallery! Because each day I get to perform to a new audience and I'm not bothering any neighbouring homes or businesses.

In 5 years you want to…?
Have everybody know who the Neigh Kid Horse is!



Neigh Kid Horse