02.-03. SEPT
Between East Side Gallery and Oberbaumbrücke Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg


I need electricity to play my music. What do I do?

The East Side Music Days is a street music festival with "real" street music conditions, which means that we cannot provide any electricity in most cases (the mainstage is an exception) and you should be able to perform your music "unplugged". Last year, some artists brought their own car batteries to use as a source for electricity. This is alright with us as long as you don’t defy volume regulations, obstruct other performances or severely affect traffic.

What's the artist salary?

For your performance at the East Side Music Days, you will receive a travel and accommodation expense allowance of 50 EUR per person (with a maximum allowance of 150 EUR total per band). You will also have access to complimentary drinks and food vouchers during the ESMD. Of course, as is typical of busker events, you are welcome to "pass the hat"/ collect tips for your performance from the audience, sell your merch etc. As the promoter of the event, we will do everything we can to make sure the visitors of the festival understand this principle, empty their piggy banks and bring some loose change. In addition to that, you will receive  various discounts and the opportunity to win lots of other benefits provided by our partners. Last year, we gave away recording sessions, touring equipment, etc.


How much time will I have for my set?

Your set should be 30 - 45 min long, plus 15 min for change-over.

Where exactly will I be performing? What do the street spots look like?

There will be one mainstage at the Mercedes-Benz Arena boat landing as well as several street spots in East Side Park and on Oberbaumbrücke. As mentioned before, the street spots will have no electricity. You are responsible for any equipment you might need for your performance. Please note that the festival is outdoors which means that the weather might be a crucial factor. The final allocation will be released a few weeks before the festival, and may be subject to change.